21st February 2018

Today was the third day of searching for sit~spots in the area around the house. I had been thinking about this new place during the night and went out at 8am to have a look at it. It is about a ten minute walk from the house and so a little bit further away than the other two but in the summer will be in full sun, unlike the others (something that will entice me to sit there).

This morning, there was light snow falling and the bitter wind had increased from yesterday and was blowing east along the valley. This new sit~spot feels nice.

sitspot 2

sitspot 3

It is adjacent to a wild boar wallowing mud hole (with clear activity of it being used last night) and there is a small trickle of a stream running through the spot. I’m sure that this is a product of ancient beavers, who are no longer on this stretch of the river. The wood is a little more open here; mixed pine and ash and it just encroaches upon the ‘dead zone’ where there has been a lot of ash die off and woodpecker activity. Sitting there for ten minutes or so, I heard the faint noise of cracking; either a squirrel working on some nuts or a nuthatch (or tree creeper) working its way down a nearby trunk. Apart from that, there was no other activity.

sitspot 5

This could be a very good candidate for the final sit~spot. It is on the edge of the wooded area, overlooking the field where I know there is a lot of bird activity during the summer. It is lower than the opposite bank though, so I will have a good view of any animals coming down the ridge and towards the river and most importantly it should not be disturbed by cows in the summer. The walk back to the house after dark maybe a problem as I will feel the fear of imminent wild boar attack but again, that maybe something I will have to get over.

As I was walking back to the house I caught sight of a hobby or peregrine darting amongst the trees in a very fast and purposeful fashion. It was, I am sure, tracking along the woodland edge for small birds and so I am guessing that there must still be some resident activity although I have heard absolutely nothing in the way of birdsong for the past few days.

sitspot 6

sitspot 4

The dog liked sniffing around in the mud hole. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to accompany me to the sit~spot in future as she makes far too much noise and won’t sit still for one moment, which defeats the purpose of doing the practise in the first place.

sitspot 1