4th March 2018

Today was a beautiful day after the heavy snow of yesterday; clear skies, light cloud later on, clearing into the evening. We now have the following birds on the feeder: blue tits, great tits, willow tits, crested tits, a female blackbird, sparrows and a wren. And also two robins are making themselves more and more prominent but they won’t eat the sunflower seeds; they prefer the peanut butter. I filled a tray of linseeds and quinoa and poured in some fat and the robins like this very much indeed. I am trying to get the pole finished in order that I can raise the bird table up another few feet as the dog next door keeps stealing things from it, he especially likes the fat; the snow is so high now that he can get up there easily. There was the normal bird activity during the day. However, I did not see the greedy blackbird.

I sat at the garden sit~spot in the evening from 5.45pm onwards until it was dark at 7.15pm. The birds had disappeared from the feeder and there was only the signs of a thrush or blackbird settling down for the night. She was flapping from bush to bush in a ostentatious way, trying to bluff any predators into thinking that she was not where she showed she was going to settle down. Another thrush (or fieldfare-type bird) flew across the garden forcefully and with such speed that I thought something was chasing it (it did the very same thing the other evening up at the sit~spot behind the house) but I figured that this again was ‘bluffing’ tactic to shake off any predators who would be following birds to their roosts. Other than that it was very still. One crow flew over and called, with no reaction from any birds in the garden. They were already tucked up and asleep.

Postscript (05. 02. 18): I was in bed by ten and at 10.15pm I heard the very first tawny owl calls of the season through the open skylight. They are just at the edge of the woods behind the house. Two hoots between the two owls and also two screeches. I did not hear them call as they came back into roost this morning. I think that they are coming into breeding season now and are calling to each other because of this.