Wild Boar Stake-Out

I wanted to go back to the place I saw the boars yesterday during the day to suss out the area ready for a stake-out and I came across a ‘feeding station’. There was a barrel suspended from a tree with a solar panel attached to it, which I assume dispensed corm once a day for the boars to eat. There was corn scattered everywhere and this is the exact spot where I saw the boars feeding yesterday.

boar stake out 1

There was so much activity around this spot; tracks galore, faeces (with corn in it) and boar runs coming down from the forest behind (they made regular paths criss-crossing the patch):

boar stake out 2boar stake out 5

boar stake out 4

boar stake out 3

I found a good spot to sit, which was on a large tree-covered (glacial) rock in the middle of one of the boars’ path down into the feed site and it is now just a question of returning one evening at about 6pm to settle down before they come through.

I assume that the barrel had be erected by hunters. There are a few living in the small hamlet just below the site and a couple in my hamlet too. I always assumed that they were after red deer but this setup would provide a steady stream of boars during the hunting season too – very easy to pick off I would imagine, as from my experience, they don’t seem to be too frightened of people. I’m not sure about the quota on sanglier in this part of France but I would imagine that hunters are pretty much at liberty to take what they want in the open season and when I hear gunshots on some autumn nights coming from this direction, I am certain now that this will be what they are shooting at.

It seems a little bit of a cheat to just turn up and see wildlife that is regularly fed by someone but I feed the birds in my garden and enjoy watching them; so there is not really much difference, I suppose.