my daughter saw my avatar on twitter yesterday and mentioned in passing that i should take it down because those sort of photos sell for a lot of money to men who, you know, ‘like’ that sort of thing. i was left a little stunned but deep down knew that of course, that sort of thing happens all the time on the net. i was left a little saddened that my two feet, thrust straight out over a gushing river, toes a little pert, a little parted, could possibly be the subject of some bloke’s weird sexual fantasy, more saddened though because i initially thought it safer to photograph the part of me that was the most separated from my head; the part that rendered me the most anonymous and expressionless. i guess even this distant part of my body cannot escape the male predatory gaze. looking back at the photo now, i can see that it gives away possibly more about me than even a simple snapshot of my face would have ever done. how naïve i was. afterwards, my daughter suggested that i should take it down so that i could sell the image and then at least she said i would be able to keep the money myself.