Hey is weather title goes

Hello well as you know this is all a bit difficult but it will be better soon yes that’s better well hello hello machine. I’m talking into a machine and the machine is writing the words for me! It even recognises an exclamation mark hah if you say it quickly then you get an ! If you say it slowly then you get an exclamation mark woo hoo. It’s strange to talk and have machine type the words out for you, it seems as if I have become one step closer to be coming Samantha in the film Her. Italic her no that doesn’t work. I like it that there are some mistakes just like a machine should do just like humans should do. I make more mistakes then this computer apparently, huh yes I make more mistakes for sure. I think I have to sit down and memorise the words for the punctuation the codewords that is–/:;,”” parentheses brackets closed Open:-) winking face some things work some things don’t, but that’s okay. Look forward to my first machine made delete written poems soon!:-)

PS Reading this back to myself I realise that’s it really isn’t acceptable for machines to make mistakes nowadays I mean they run really important things like at traffic control and finances and heart rate monitors another stuff so let it be just me who makes the mistakes from now on. I feel better with that.