air france vol 279 5h 34m remaining

Watching my family flyingback from Japan on the screena bluesilkenthread curving through dark skies brightening high over RussiaHimalayaMongolia plaiting across the globefilling in webbings of spiders connecting3 small bodies outof 2million people up there in the rarefied air of the stratosphere3 of my familyof me at 30,000 feetin a glass globe suspended astrolaberight in this very momentnow thousands of miles away somethings keeping it upamongst thousands of other threadsparachuting around the curve of the earthfloss caught on phone linescommunication interruptedhow far can spiders fly?Further than airplaneson the map sky roads traverse the apogee of lightnow humming along the homestrait I think about them sleeping orwatching a movieover the wingthe drone of machinery lulling them to sleepA strange symphony scalar interferencecaught on the cable FireWire directing 200,000flying spiderscrawling a webline across the worldtimebombs they never seem to be moving beatdrop whine as the plane lowers an octave Orbitscloudsvapour trailscargoMetal platesjet enginesMountain peaks chalking a line slightly right of otherscrossing in strange telematry