the Truth can only be examined within the sphere of your own experience

it can only be done by YOU, yourself. it can only been done in the moment that is now.

you may already have read piles of books, watched countless youtube videos, gone to many satsangs or meetings, set up a routine of meditation or chanting yo still the mind. that is wonderful. that has set you on the path to realisation. you are almost there but you are not quite there and you know that you are not quite there, so you continue to search.

the thing that is very strange about all of this, indeed very paradoxical, is that the more you search, the more you verify the separateness of the world you are living in. the more information you take on board, the more concepts you are loading yourself up with. there is nothing inherently wrong with this. everything is just As It Is; perfect, complete, whole – the fact that you identify yourself to be a separate seeker in a world of manifestations is part of It All and does not matter one single iota.

but then the idea comes into your head about ‘suffering’ and you wish you could end it. you have got yourself to the place where you believe that if you annihilate the self, you will simultaneously annihilate your suffering. that is all well and good. that is a path that could be taken by a person perceived to be suffering, who is trying to remove the suffering by removing the sufferer. you continue to go to satsangs or read another book to learn ‘how’ to do it but, if you are always trying to remove something then it stands to reason that the YOU doing the removing will always remain; you remain in a state of suffering.

what is needed, if indeed there is any need at all, is for an honest exploration of the Truth.

the Truth is ‘that which cannot be seen as false when subjected to close scrutiny’ and the Truth only manifests here in this present moment and only you can conduct a close inspection of what you perceive the Truth to be. there is no path to follow, only a slow (or sudden) stripping away of the ‘reality’ you think you are in – towards an ever greater exposure of the Truth.

yes, these words can point you towards the Truth but these words are after all, only words; they have no inherent Truth in themselves. you must look for yourself.

so here’s a pointer: can you drink this word >>>> WATER ? can you dip your fingers into it? can you get yourself wet with it? what about this word >>>> BREAD ? can you actually eat it? can you smell its fresh aroma? will it stop you from being hungry? now have a think about the word >>>> SUFFERING does that word actually make you feel miserable? does it inflict pain on you?

if you explore this for yourself, you will start to strip away the layers.

how about the things that you see around you right now? let’s say instead of reading this, you are watching footage of DONALD TRUMP on your screen, waving his hands and smiling, with crowds of people around him. is that actually him? is what you are seeing not just an arrangement of coloured pixels lit up by a backlight and projected onto a field of flat glass? when you look closely, you cannot carry on believing that this really is donald trunp can you? now you may notice some EMOTIONS arising. you may label them NEGATIVE you may label them POSITIVE or a mixture of both. what are these emotions? are they actually just impulses moving through the mind and body? electrical connections that pass from the screen to your retina to your brain’s synapses through your nervous system; heart, skin, breath? and surely all this happens before you put a label on them?

let’s turn to look at these body parts a little closer and before you slap the label ME on them all, look at what they really really are: a collection of bones and organs held together by muscles and cartilage? cells and spaces-between-cells arranged to function in a certain way? an assimilation and redistribution of food molecules that are taken in through the hole at the top and pass out of the hole at the bottom? where is the YOU in all of this? in the cells in your brain, skin or heart? in your breath? in the water or bread you digested earlier today?

maybe we are taking the word ME too literally. after all, if we believe wholeheartedly we are seeing footage of donald trump on our screen, when the Truth is that it is only an arrangement of pixels against glass and we believe we feel rage/pleasure coming up when we see him, when in Truth it is only an electrical impulse coursing through synapses and cells, would it not be too much of a stretch to believe that when we take the word ME to be me, it is in Truth only an arrangement of vibrating atoms forming combinations of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus (and a few other trace elements)? no different from the chair, the screen, the trees outside, the sky?

and when we suddenly see the belief that has created this ME; the belief that has created suffering, the belief that has created a path this ME is walking on, the belief that has created the belief the ME can annihilate itself – can we also see that in Truth, these beliefs are actually nothingness being dropped by no one?

and the layers continue to be stripped away; that is All that’s needed.