the dress

I was making a huge dress with a cape flowing out of the back and it was incredibly detailed. I was sewing bits and pieces onto it constantly; coins and bows and butterflies and lace, all manner of found things – I felt that it was a bit of a show-stopper and I absolutely knew that I was going to be wearing it in the future. It was like I was preparing a new way of being for myself, a new dress to slip into and wear. When I put this outfit on I knew that I would look and feel amazing. It was a very simple dream. One of my friends had come to admire it and look at the intricacies of it in detail. It was almost as if it was standing there by itself, like it was its own animal, alive and animate. A completely magnificent creature. ~ 30th December 2018

Dreams are incredibly important to one’s inner mythic life. I have been noting down my dreams and it is amazing how, once you start to record them, it gets easier and easier to remember them each morning. I wake up with an inkling of the dream and then, after sitting in front of a plain piece of paper for a few minutes, something of it – more often than not – flashes through my mind and I use that small fragment as an anchor to start pulling the threads of the dream out onto the page. In this way, I can construct the whole narrative in no time. I usually have two or three dreams a night depending on the moon phase, the weather and how tired I am. Over time, I have been able to track the subtle shifts and trends in my dreamworld and I have started to understand how they mirror and inform my waking world. I mostly have recurring dreams but I also have one-off dreams that follow a familiar structure. Many dreams I quickly forget after they have been recorded with others staying vivid all day long. Like tarot cards, I have learned to interpret individual dreams within a setting; juxtaposing them one to the other like I am spreading them out on a table in order to see the bigger picture. I have also learned to identify the major themes and archetypes that occur again and again in different dream scenarios and settings. The most important thing I remember when interpreting dreams is that each element within the dream is actually just one part of my own psyche and represents differing parts of myself.

The dream mentioned above took place a while ago but is one that occurs regularly, especially when I am creating something new. I often have dreams that include very detailed objects that I am continually ‘adding to’ over time. I see this as a representation of not only a specific project I may be working on but a representation of my artistic life. It is a positive dream with a very good outcome, with the dress representing something I am striving to continually improve and embellish in order that it becomes richer and fuller and I am looking forward to displaying with pride. I feel very strongly in my dream that the dress I am working on is alive and has its own animism, something I love to imbue my creations with. It confirms to me the importance of this animism in my work and the influence of fairy stories and myths where objects take on a life of their own and are able to influence the outcome of things in a mischievous way. I know that a large chunk of my creative life stays very firmly within a private realm, shown by the fact that this dream takes place in a bedroom – the most private room of the house (rooms play a huge role in my dreams and I see that as representing different parts of my personality). What a grand room it is – highlighting the fact that I place huge importance on my inner life and thoughts but the fact that my friend is there too, looking over my creation with great admiration shows that I am ready to send my art out into the world, a very positive dream to have.